GDPR 1. Register holder Juro Sharing Infra Oy (3089337-2) Lepistönkatu 6 30100 Forssa 2. Contact information of the Register and the Data protection controller Jussi Roito CEO Juro Sharing infra Oy Tel: 050 5503123 E-mail: 3. The name of the register Juro 4. The purpose and legal basis of processing personal data Personal data is being processed to produce Juro-service and customer care and communications as well as analyse and improve the Service. Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd processes personal data also to design business activities such as managing relationships between co-partners and customers, for marketing purposes, to personalize services and allocate marketing activities, ensure usability and correct function of the Service and to prevent abuse and investigate such. 5. Data content of the register Privacy policy From the register following information types of user data can be processed Essential information and contact information such as first and last name, sex, date of birth, zip code, e-mail address, phone numbers, accommodation, family and professional related information such as residential area, residence, type of accommodation, marital status, children, education, profession and annual income. Information related to hobbies and other subjects of interest, social life and personality traits such as information about size of circle of friends, users estimation of given personal traits fit to registered, registered informal description of himself, registered information given by own’s accord as an user of the internet and social media. Information from where registered got to know about Juro -service. Username and password, registration date. Reclamation, feedback and other liaison related to membership of the service as well as activities of registered on the Direct marketing approvals and bans Information given by registered and activities executed on the service can be used allocating marketing manually. We technically collect information from use of the service and technical feature information of devices as later more closely described. Collecting information is automatic. This kind of information is collected: IP-address (and location country), unique identifier numbers of devices, location information based on base stations, WLAN or GPS locations (basis of justification separate consent), information of used device, type of operating system as well as system version, type of browser and language settings, activities and length of activities on the service (such as information of watched programs on the service or used sites with timestamps), name of the site which redirected user on the service and the site user has moved from the service and a server and domain name. If the user connects the account to third party services such as Facebook, Instagram or other platforms of social media, we are getting registration related information from those platforms. 6. Regular data sources Registered oneself with Juro-service. Service includes internet site as well as mobile applications for iOS- and Android -mobile interfaces. For updating personal information Population registry and other public directories can be used. 7. The protection principals for the register Juro Sharing infra oy can give information as existing legislation obligates and restricts. Personal information is admitted to selected partners of Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd to develop the service. Information can be handed over for customer direct marketing purposes if registered has been given unequivocal permit for it. Customers are not allowed to hand over information onwards. Information can be handed over in case of possible company acquisition, merger, outsourcing or in touch with other business transaction as well as related to corporation relation or to third parties related other financial joint venture. We can also hand out user information to third parties if user has been given approval for it, example with connecting the service to third party services such as social media services or such. Personal information can be processed outside of the EU and the ETA area to develop the service. Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd ensures privacy protection of the information processed outside of the EU and the ETA area before such processing. 8. Storage period of personal data Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd storages personal information only the amount of time it is necessary to offer Juro -service to registered users. Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd storages saved personal information until registered deletes the account from Juro -service or in other way announces to Juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd that the usage of service has been ended. juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd views user to end the usage and deletes personal information of registered from juro -register and/or moves restricted information on it’s marketing register, in case registered has not been using the juro -service or been in contact any other way to juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd in the last 18 months. The information will be in electronic format and in storage protected with consistent of industries general customs. Servers are situated in EU -area and are in constant surveillance. We will get notified without delay from possible information security threats and we will inform instantly to those who are in concerned. 9. The protection principals for the register Only designated juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd.’s and from their order and on their account working company employees as well as juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd.’s juro -service license owners and employees working for their account has the right to use juro -service. Every person processing ATK -register has personal access rights given by Register controller. Every user has their access right levels specified according to their necessity for information defined by persons job description which gets verified in touch of logging in with personal username and password. System is secured with farewell which protects contacts coming outside of juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd. Manually processed documents containing personal information are stored in locked depositories. Only designated juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd.’s employees have the right to process manually documents containing personal information. Everyone processing register information has professional confidentiality in respect of all the personal information included in the register. 10. Cookies Register holder uses cookies to create juroe-service. Cookie is a small text document sent and saved to user’s computer or another device. Cookies are applied for making the website easier to use and to improve user experience. By means of cookies can be evaluated use of the website and marketing services. In case the user doesn’t want cookies to be saved on a device, user can set a browser or device to refuse receiving cookies and with deleting previously saved cookies with emptying the device and browser history. Instructions how to deny cookies can be found in here. Denying use of cookies, can disrupt the service from working correctly. Also, analytic services such as Google Analytics uses cookies to provide analysis and user management. For third party services are applied their own privacy policies and user terms and conditions nor juro sharing infra oy Ltd. be liable of information collected by these operators or information processed including cookies and other monitoring techniques as well as links. We recommend having a look for these privacy policies and user terms and conditions of third parties. 11. The right to review, rectificate and erasure data Registered has the right to revise what information of them is in the juro -register. Registered can themselves check and update their personal information and save the information in computer readable form of their information saved on our register. This can be managed in Personal information -section. Downloadable computer readable information covers following information according to what information user has been saving on our register and how has juro -service been used: -User basic information -x -y -z Users can delete all the information collected and saved from them and delete their profile by themselves. Deleting information happens with contacting customer care. Deleting information is final and after that logging in to the service using previous accounts is not anymore possible. If person wants to start using the service again, re-register is needed. 12. Privacy policy changes juro sharing infra oy Company Ltd can occasionally modify this Privacy policy statement. We recommend checking the Privacy policy statement regularly to identify modifications. Essential changes will be notified with an e-mail to the address received from the user or we will get an approval simultaneously with an introduction.